The Barn at Rocky Creek

Nothing is better than working hard during the week and going out for a date with the hubby. We wanted to try a place we have only been to once, The Barn at Rocky Creek. It is located close to the heart of downtown Gahanna, Ohio.

We made a reservation, but our table was not quite ready upon arrival. We moseyed over to the bar area for a drink. The interior of the barn is all wood and has a rustic feel. They have their own bourbon and specialize in liquor and have an extensive wine list. Because of this fantastic wine list, they won the 2017 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.


I chose the Sequoia Grove from Napa Valley. You can read more about it in my wine section here!

It was a little over 30 minutes since we arrived for our reservation, so we went to check on our table. We were told they didn’t see us. Not going to lie, I was a bit annoyed. I think that is why many restaurants have text messaging to contact people for reservations. No one even mentioned that they were sorry that the table was late or even acknowledged that the situation occurred. We weren’t starving and were just relaxing at the bar, but I felt like it should have been acknowledged with, at the very least, an apology. Anyways, we were seated at a wooden table booth in their main dining room. My only other initial complaint is that the table was set for 4 people when we were only two. My husband felt like it was ridiculous that it bothered me, but it felt weird sitting next to a place of silverware with a plate, a water glass, a wine glass, a napkin, a knife, a spoon, and a steak knife. We put it in a stack at the side of the table. I thought it was weird no one picked it up the entire meal, but I digress.


The circle lights in the ceiling give a nice warm glow. It is a large space where you never feel crowded. The tables are nicely spaced apart and the noise level is just right. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing. You could be wearing a dress or you could wear jeans without feeling out of place.


The tables had a nice western type lamp on the side of the booth.


They have a few large pictures of barn animals, elegantly displayed on canvas.


They brought us warm bread with warm maple butter. OMG. The maple butter is highly addictive and supremely good. I believe they put syrup in it and it is so very yummy.

The entrees arrived and my husband got a New York Strip, medium rare. I could never ha… I need at least medium, but he loves it. I think he will one day order rare… It is still moo-ing at that point! He ordered the mac and cheese and a side of their homemade steak sauce.

He LOVED the steak. He was speechless while he devoured his steak and shortly thereafter the mac and cheese as well.

I ordered the filet mignon. It was good, especially with their homemade steak sauce. It was tender and juicy, but not the best I have had. The sweet potato had a bit too much butter where it just tasted like butter, so I only had a few bites.

I really wanted to order dessert because I have heard from multiple sources that they have the best dessert. But, alas no space for dessert after filet.


Service – 5

I was annoyed we had to wait 30 minutes when we had a reservation and it seemed like we would not have been told when our table was ready unless we asked. The server also made it feel more transaction based, than really caring about our experience.

Food Quality – 6

The bread and butter are really good. The filet was good, but not the best I have ever had. The potato was doused in butter. I feel like it was better the first time we went…

Price for Quality – 7

The entrees range from $16-46. I liked that you could choose a price range of really expensive (such as steak) or more affordable (such as the burger).

Atmosphere – 8

I liked the barn feel. I like the lights and the atmosphere does feel very relaxing. The noise level is just right to the point where you can have a conversation talking normally, but it is not dead quiet.

Overall Experience – 6

I feel like the first time we went it was better. I was disappointed in the service and the food quality. I had another friend who went once, but the second time did not enjoy the experience. Then went again and loved it. I think the Barn is a unique restaurant, but may not always be consistent with their quality or service.


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