Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

We went to Wolf’s Ridge today and they have a pretty incredible brunch. The brewing scene has been heating up in Columbus for a while now. However, patrons are not just looking for great beer, they also expect exceptional food and great service. Wolf’s Ridge is all of these things and more.

The brewery entrance is proud with its bold name and logo and large windows letting light throughout the restaurant. Wolf’s Ridge opened in 2013 and quickly gained a following.

A few things that make Wolf Ridge different from every other brewery:

  • Donations
    • They offer a donation section on their site to have applicants apply for an event or the beneficiary. I thought this was unique for a brewery and something you do not even see most restaurants publicly share.
  • Wolf Pack Loyalty Club
    • They have a pretty neat loyalty club called the Wolf Pack. For $100 a year it includes a quite generous benefit package that includes 4 quarterly events for new releases (members only), 25% off growlers, custom shirts and glassware. Unfortunatley, they are already sold out for 2017-2018 as they only take 100 members per year.
  • Highly Awarded
    • For only being open for 5 years, they have a lot of accolades from #7 in the nation for best new craft beer from Draft Magazine to a host of awards for their beers. It is impressive what they have done in such a short period of time.

As you walk into Wolf’s Ridge, you step into a large open layout concept, The bar on the right side, the brewery located underground on the left side of the restaurant, and then a tap-room in the far back.


It is open and welcoming, all while still being elegant and approachable. They were packed for Sunday brunch and were booked for reservations, so we waited at the bar area until a seat became available.

I ordered the ‘Bloody Maria’, which has El Espolon, Highland Park 12 year, house mix, is garnished with cherry tomato, mozzarella, & peperoncino, and served with beer back.

It is a nice mix of spicy and flavor and I love the little beer sample I get with it.


Upon looking at the menu, it is not your traditional brunch list of sausage, eggs, pancakes etc. No, it is an adventure of all of the items you are used to, but created with different ingredients, flavor combinations, and plated in the way you should eat it in order to hit all the right notes.

The surprising  part of Wolf’s Ridge is that everyone feels at home. Looking around the room, you can see patrons that are young, old, dressed up in a suit, leggings, shorts, ball caps… Everyone just seems to feel comfortable in the space.

They have a tap-room in the back that opens for lunch and offers items at lower price points than the front of the restaurant. The tap room offers 20 rotating  house taps and happy hour from 2-7 Monday through Sunday.

We decided to try the Sugar Donuts to get started. They arrived with a side of a coffee cream dip sauce.


They are coated in sugar, like little balls of snow and are slightly crispy on the outside from being double fried.


When you bite into the center, it is slightly crispy, buttery, and yummy. I did find the sugar and double-fried nature of the outside to overtake the taste of the donut, but I imagine it would be fantastic after a night out with friends or if you are really hankering a sugary dessert.

I was only able to have a half of one and then our entrée arrived. We selected the Toad in the Hole, which is brioche cut out in a perfect circle, hiding a secret sunny side up egg from Copia Farms. It lies on a bed of applewood smoked bacon with a few fingerling potatoes and is encircled with a gravy like vinaigrette.


The one component that really makes this dish are the sprouts that lay on top. The sprouts add a nice fresh pop in every bite.

The brioche with the egg inside is perfect and creamy and I liked swirling the brioche with a bit of egg in the gravy.


The main course was fantastic and exciting in every bite. My husband and I split this dish, so the picture above is actually a half portion. I could only eat a half of the half 🙂


My hushed kept saying in awe how great his meal was. It is a really good dish.


Service – 7

There were a few people waiting and the host let them know the tap-room was open to eat. We were offered a drink list within 5 minutes of arriving and all of the food items came out promptly.

Food Quality – 8

The food quality is fresh from the farm. They strive to source local and you can taste the difference in even the smallest components (like the sprouts).

Price for Quality – 8

The brunch entrees range from $9-$19. The entrees are definitely large enough to split between two people.

Atmosphere – 9

I love that you can be in the front for more of an elegant vibe or the back tap-room for more of a chill vibe. It is a place to enjoy at any time with anyone.

Overall Experience – 8

Wolf’s Ridge is a great place to go and they have so many different experiences to offer. They have an amazing brunch, they have a great dinner (which we have yet not experienced), and they have a tap-room where you can simply relax with one of their excellent craft beers.

Where to find Wolf’s Ridge:

215 N 4th Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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