Third & Hollywood

I had never heard of Third & Hollywood until a friend recently recommended it to my husband and I. Situated in Grandview and open since 2009, Third & Hollywood is right next door to the newly re-opened Grandview Cafe.

They have a small, but spacious layout. Upon entering inside, you feel relaxed and the space has a nice open door patio that gives light to the entire restaurant. The kitchen is situated on the left side of the restaurant in the back, but is not behind the scenes. It is all glass and makes you feel like you can see your food being made. In fact, if you are seated at one of the bar tables you likely could.

We were seated on their outside patio which was small, but awesome. The roof of the patio is curved and structured in a way that you could probably be out there if it was raining or in the fall and still feel comfortable. We had a little two top table and were quickly greeted with ice cold water. The server immediately came over and I think he was new as he was a bit nervous, but he was friendly and went through the specials of the day.

Upon looking at the menu it was nice and concise, but offers plenty of options for everyone. I am always relieved when there are less options because it typically means that the chefs practice those set items more often. This also means that the produce and dinner items are purchased more frequently, which aids in the chef’s understanding of their own menu (i.e. what type of tomato works best for the salad, etc). Large menus always scare me! I have no idea how some restaurants can have a 10 page list.


They have daily features on their menu.  A mix of snacks, salads and entrees. They also have a decent craft beer list and a nice bottled wine list. Now, due to my love of wine, I was skeptical at first as they only offer one glass of wine by the glass in each section — Sparkling and Champagne, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chein Blanc, Pinot Noir, Rose, Merlot, Italian, Syrah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and additional ‘more whites’ and ‘more reds’ sections. Thankfully, one of the glasses of wine offered was Smith & Hook’s 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon. Produced from the Hahn family in Soledad, California it has all the flavor to make an excellent full body red with notes of mocha, toasted oak, licorice, vanilla, coffee and black currant. It was soooo good. I think a good glass of wine can make or break a meal and this definitely enhanced the entire meal experience.

We wanted to try what they seem to be known for, their Iron Skillet of Cheddar Herb Biscuits. You have the option for a full skillet or half — being just two of us and trying to keep with the “slim for summer” mentality, we went with the half skillet. OMG guys, it was too yummy! If the pics don’t make you want to eat them, then I am not sure what would. They were so photogenic too… Cheesy and delicious in all its glory.


They were fluffy, handmade little pieces of goodness that just melted in your mouth. They were the perfect start to the meal and came to the table piping hot. They offer these little nuggets of deliciousness for free during their happy hour Monday through Friday from 5-6. Unfortunately, we would never make that as we work downtown, but not a bad deal at all.

The ambience so far by this point consisted of a nice level of chatter and excited conversation amongst tables, but not the dreaded, “I care so much about you and want to hear you, but I am too distracted by all the other conversations and noise to focus”, as you can experience elsewhere. It also likely helped being outside to carry sound, but we felt the whole time that we were having our own meal and in our own little table world.

The entrees arrived and they were very impressive. I ordered the Seared Tuna with Chopped Vegetables. The tuna was #1 sushi grade. As much as I love sushi, I was not aware that there were grades. A quick Google search told me that the grade basically consists of a rating for fish by wholesaler and a grade of 1 means it could be eaten as sushi. So enough education, below is my meal pic. The side was a mix of asparagus, avocados, tomatoes and a vinaigrette dressing. I found the vinaigrette a bit heavy, but the combination of the asparagus and avocado was delicious.



I wanted to share both pictures as the top one really shows the side dish, but the bottom really speaks to the quality of the tuna. The tuna had a nice smoky and peppery covering on each piece. It almost melted in your mouth, it was REALLY good.

The server offered us a few dessert specials, which while sounding pretty good (Chocolate Pudding or Strawberry Shortcake), we felt we had indulged enough for one meal.

I am going to try to use the below rating scale for each review to help with consistency. It will be based on a 1 (Not Good at All) to 10 (Exceptional) scale…

*Service – 6

I am giving service a 6 because our server was nice, but sometimes forgot to take away glasses or ask if we wanted another drink.

*Food Quality – 9

The food quality was pretty darn impressive and that should be no surprise considering the list of local growers and producers that they use. It really shows in the quality of the food and I love supporting local businesses.

*Price for Quality – 9

I think the price points paired well with the quality. I felt like the cost was worth the quality of the food and drinks.

*Atmosphere – 8

I think the atmosphere was relaxing and had a nice open air feeling. I would like to try it on a fall day later this year.

*Overall Experience – 8

Third & Hollywood is a great place to go and try. We will definitely go back and try more of their menu offerings or featured entrees. The quality of the food is definitely there and worth trying.

Where to find Third & Hollywood:

1433 West Third Ave.,
Grandview Heights, OH 43212

**P.S. A great stop following dinner is Grandview Cafe for an after dinner drink!

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