I had thought about starting a blog for awhile and finally decided to do it. My husband and I love to travel, try new restaurants and drink great wine. We have wanderlust and love to find new places to eat when we aren’t traveling somewhere.

As any blog writer, I assume my dear readers you will want to know what makes me qualified to give you ideas and feedback on restaurants, wine, and travel locations. I have listed below a few qualifications:

  • We have been to Hawaii, Cabo, Charleston(multiple times being our favorite place!), West Indies, Florida and more. We always make it a point to try 1-2 highly rated restaurants on our travels.
  • We try new restaurants multiple times per month and play a “what would you rate this experience game” with each other that we shall use as the rating criteria for this blog.
    • Service
    • Food Quality
    • Price
    • Atmosphere
    • Overall Experience
  • We always make sure to get different items to try a variety of menu selections.
  • I love wine and my husband loves craft beer which will give readers a nice mix of hotspots for good cocktails or preferred wine locations.

We are really looking forward to sharing our adventures in food and travel with you.

All the Best,







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